Steve Bedard — Vice President of a Major Telecommunications Company


Joseph exceeded all our expectations –ahead of schedule and within our planned budget!  In the process, he demonstrated outstanding leadership, consensus-building and problem-solving skills.  In addition, Joseph’s obvious credibility (due to his expertise & personal manner) proved invaluable in gaining the understanding of multiple stakeholders.

 Qualities Demonstrated:

  •  Strategic Vision – Quickly understood our strategic needs from a corporate perspective; in fact, the advice he provided and solutions he developed were from a ‘big picture’ perspective that aligned and supported our corporate goals and direction.
  •  Problem-solving – Demonstrated that he is flexible and enjoys handling difficult challenges.  He is focused in his pursuit of practical solutions to issues or problem situations and provided well thought-out comprehensive options and advice.
  •  Facilitation – Developed and delivered numerous presentations and workshops to a variety of internal and external audiences.  He demonstrated tremendous facilitation skills in communicating topics, looking for common ground, and obtaining the buy-in of team members.

Overall, Joseph consistently demonstrates both breadth and depth in his approach to both task and people.  He can provide facilitative leadership to teams and manage situations exceedingly well.  We will not hesitate to engage Joseph’s services in the future.

George Hoffmann – CEO of Leading Biotechnology Company

“Before working with Staffan Rydin, my team and I were progressing our biotech company’s focus on HIV vaccine development at a steady pace. However, I was often torn between my full-time duties as CEO and pursuing another career path which encompasses many other areas I care deeply about. Staffan truly helped me integrate my company’s mission and vision with my personal objectives, vision and passion. Through our work together, I have gained important new insights, increased my capacity to take wider perspectives and helped me redefine what genuine productivity really means in my work. This has made a major difference in my effectiveness as a leader as well as in my overall well-being and peace of mind. Today, I feel virtually unstoppable in the leadership of our biotech company and am moving forward with greater balance and clarity.”

Eric Pringle  — Vice President of Leading Environmental Consulting Company

“Joseph Zepedeo was an exceptional guide; even now months after our work together wrapped up, I marvel at his ability to map out a current way and a new way. Joseph is a real pro and as a coach was exceptionally helpful to me. Our work impacted in a positive way my work and personal life, as well as my approach to life.
I highly recommend Joseph and his associates… without hesitation and with great confidence. You’ll enjoy the journey.”

Harun Tasci, Director of Global Marketing Operations at top Social Media Company

Staffan’s Integral Coaching® program sparked a personal and professional transformation that has been one of the most defining experiences in my life. Today, I am able to engage in my work and life with greater ease, awareness, and care instead of pushing and rushing on autopilot.

Through Staffan’s inspiring and logical coaching approach, I was safely taken out of my comfort zone and grew the “muscles” needed to achieve a new level of success by gaining clarity and focus on what matters most to me. Through personalized, hands-on practices and regular one-on-one debriefing and dialogue, Staffan helped me take something from every practice, connect the dots and acknowledge and develop my new way of being while skillfully leveraging my strengths.

I now understand that there really are no limits aside from those I’ve set for myself and I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with Staffan. I highly recommend you contact him if you are serious about genuine and sustainable growth and integration!

Erica Enstrom — MBA and Director of Leading Medical Services Company

“Staffan Rydin and I connected on Linked In, when he offered the opportunity for me to experience his Integral Leadership 360° Profile. This service included a professional report, one-on-one debriefing/coaching and a great workbook which helped clarify my personal/professional vision, set clear goals as well as giving me the specific action steps to realize them. That wonderfully enlightening review led to my decision to hire Staffan as an executive/leadership coach. Staffan has an engaging personality, an intuitive sense of what questions to ask, and a non-judgmental approach to his coaching. He is a masterful coach, leading you down a path of reflection and insight with inquisitive questioning, sound practice activities, and most importantly a keen sense to not only listen to what you’re saying, but to hear the underlying message.

I would not hesitate to recommend Staffan to anyone looking to engage with a coach for personal or professional development purposes. I would be happy to share more about my experience with Staffan via direct message.”

Wayne Stark & Derek Gillard — Principals of a Leading IT Consulting Company

‘The Leadership Team of our organization recently went through the Integral 360 process. We found the time spent to be very beneficial and valuable as we all learned something about each other and ourselves with the key benefit being that we were able to identify, understand and break down the barriers that were preventing us from meeting our objectives. The process helped pave the way for the Leadership Team to then come together in a comfortable setting as we openly shared and collaborated in building out our company mission, strategy and vision.”

Pat Ryan — Assistant Director of a Major Local Government

“I benefited strongly from the coaching in that it allowed me to successfully adapt to and work in a very controversial and stressful environment and produced very positive long lasting results.  The coaching also resulted in me obtaining a significant promotion to a new area requiring extensive change and realignment to better meet customer service and overall corporate objectives.  The coaching took existing sucessess and approaches and helped to adjust them to allow greater success at a professional and personal level.”

Tina Wong-Nielsen — VP of Operations of Major Medical Services Company

“As a person committed to a life of learning and self-development, I had attended multiple seminars and workshops, read books, received coaching, etc. previous to meeting Staffan Rydin. Although I learned from all of these experiences, things never came together for me like they did with Staffan and through his unique coaching style, method and process.

Over the six months that we worked together, I achieved (among other things):

1. Significant leadership growth such that I was promoted to Director in my organization.

2. Clarity on what matters most to me and how to move forward with that knowledge.

3. A shift from a state of disconnection in many areas of life to a place where I am connected, focused, excited and empowered.

4. Overall happier relationships.

In addition, the process of working with Staffan was very organic, authentic/real and natural, and evolved in a way that was very powerful. Today, I confidently move forward with the new capacities I developed in myself and trust the new tools I have in my tool box. I highly recommend that you connect with Staffan for a free consultation!”

Thomas Atterbom — Chief Information Officer of Multinational SEO and Online Marketing Firm

“Staffan and I worked together on a five-month coaching program. During the program I gained new perspectives and I became aware that some of my patterns and choices didn’t help me in achieving what I wanted. That it was I who in some ways was my biggest obstacle for improvement. Staffan developed exercises to help me loose old kinks while “building new muscles” (Staffan’s words that are very illustrative in describing the process of building new capacities).

During the program I noticed small and continuous improvements. At the end I was very surprised when adding up the total sum of all the small changes – I was seeing big results that I (with Staffan’s help) had achieved.

I can highly recommend Staffan’s coaching to anybody that is interested in personal growth and self-development.”

Dan M. — Coordinator at Major Shipping Company

“I began the 6 month program in January of 2011 with some skepticism. Quickly, my skepticism was swept aside. Joseph Zepedeo is an excellent coach who genuinely cares about the success and well being of his clients. This program has had a profound impact on my life and those around me. I am truly fortunate to have gone through the program and can’t say enough about it; and all the positive changes that have occurred in my life.

Lisa —  Operations Manager at Professional Sports Organization

“I am currently going through what will probably be one of the most stressful points in my career and my level of stress is almost non-existent. I have confidence in my ability and am going with the flow as things arise. I am welcoming and encouraging the support and contribution of others and am no longer pre-occupied with taking on too much and seeking external affirmations. The timing of our paths crossing was impeccable, I do not think that I would have been able to lead with such grace without having completed Staffan’s program. In fact, my husband and I regularly chat about how much the program has changed the way I approach things in both work and life.”

Justin Wilson — Leadership & Organizational Development Expert

“Joseph worked with our team on a time sensitive project by providing strategic road maps and team coaching which was instrumental in achieving our goal of providing authentic and credible OD services. He is thorough, creative, and insightful and is regarded as a strategic go to consultant/coach.”

Marc Low — MBA and Manager at Multinational Software Development Firm

“I hired Staffan Rydin to conduct a 360 Evaluation for me, and was blown away by the results. I found it very powerful on both a personal and professional level, and quite different from previous 360s I’d done in the past – very action oriented, with a great followup process. It was also incredibly informative, and there were key action steps I could take away with me right away – great!

Although the report in itself was great, what really made the difference was how it truly “came to life” through the skillful coaching of Staffan. He has a gentle but effective way of cutting straight to the point, and I found the post-evaluation work we did together tremendously valuable.

It’s a pleasure to recommend Staffan to any individual or organization looking to take their business to the next level!”

Heather Worosz — Principal of Strategic Leadership Organization

“Joseph is an extremely intuitive, insightful and skilled coach. His ability to be fully present, to listen deeply, and to guide the process with compassion and respect, creates a safe environment where real transformation can take place. With Joseph, I was able to step into a fuller sense of my authentic self and to further unfold and actively pursue my life’s work.”




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