Integral 360 Degree Feedback

“We don’t see others as they are … we see others as we are”     Anais Nin

Our Integral Leadership 360° Feedback process supports development in a manner that aligns individual, team and organizational goals and direction. We keep the focus on what is best for the individual and the organization such that performance is enhanced for both. This is why we also provide Executive Coaching support with our Integral Leadership 360° process.

Combined with Executive Coaching

Research has shown that 360° Feedback combined with ongoing Executive Coaching is one of the most effective methods of leadership development. Our process includes one 1.5 hour personal coaching session that leaves the client with a comprehensive developmental plan.

Based on our Integral Leadership & Management Framework, our Integral 360° Feedback Process can be used with individual managers, incorporated into management development programs or rolled out as a development initiative throughout the organization.

The Integral Leadership 360° Feedback Process will provide each participant feedback and developmental support as follows:

  • A professional feedback report summarizing strengths and areas of improvement
  • How the individual is performing along the Four major functions that define leadership and management effectiveness
  • Ratings on the Eight key leadership and management roles
  • An assessment of the 32 specific skills and abilities associated with leadership and management effectiveness
  • Twelve Authentic Self capacities that are the foundation for successful leadership
  • A summary of the skills and behaviours for which the participant scores highest and lowest
  • Open comments made by raters anonymously
  • A Development Workbook to assist with crafting a unique personal development plan and to capture specific action steps
  • A 1.5-hour coaching session focusing on the individual’s path to higher performance

We offer several 360° profiles, depending on your need.

  • For senior managers and executives
  • For supervisors and managers
  • For non-managers
  • For the Public Sector

At the core of our Integral Framework is the inclusion of ‘Authentic Self’ capacities. Extensive research has demonstrated that these capacities form the foundation of effective leadership and yet they are rarely addressed. Our Integral Framework is flexible and can easily be customized to include specific competencies for an organization’s particular strategic challenges. Emotional intelligence questions can also be added where relevant. The online surveys take 15 – 20 minutes to complete.

“The Leadership Team of our organization went through the Integral 360 process. We found the time spent to be very beneficial and valuable as we all learned something about each other and ourselves with the key benefit being that we were able to identify, understand and break down the barriers that were preventing us from meeting our objectives. The process helped pave the way for the Leadership Team to then come together in a comfortable setting as we openly shared and collaborated in building out our company mission, strategy and vision.”

Wayne S. and Derek G.