Integral Team Excellence

Extraordinary Teams ∼ Exceptional Results

Our Integral Team Excellence process produces an extraordinary team — a team which performs with a sense of ‘oneness’ with clear focus and effective actions.

How is Integral Team Excellence Different?

The Integral Team Excellence approach is unique in that it incorporates four major dimensions of human activity:

  • effectiveness
  • efficiency
  • people wellbeing, and
  • culture
  • combined with the levels of human and organizational development.

This produces a more balanced and accurate assessment of team functioning and identifies critical actions for sustainable high performance.

How Can Our Integral Team Excellence Process Help Your Organization?

  • Establish a special sense of ‘one-team’ that transcends individual priorities and contributes positively to the organization.
  • Provide leaders with the key actions and behaviours a team needs to achieve sustainable high performance.
  • Increase team efficiency & effectiveness to achieve team objectives.
  • Develop personal wellbeing by appreciating and respecting the individuals on the team and their contributions.

Integral Team Excellence Measure (ITEM)

Key to our Integral Team Excellence approach is the use of our ITEM Survey — designed to evaluate a team’s current status in terms of being high-functioning.

The team receives a report describing areas in which it is performing well and areas that are in need of improvement along the four quadrants of balanced teamwork and the six elements of exceptional teams.


The Four Quadrants of Integral Teams — helps a team achieve balanced performance.


The Six Elements of Exceptional Teams —  provide leaders with the key actions and behaviours a team needs to achieve sustainable high performance.

“Joseph worked with our team on a time sensitive project by providing strategic road maps and team coaching which was instrumental in achieving our goal of providing authentic and credible leadership/OD services. He is thorough, creative, and insightful and is regarded as a strategic go to consultant and coach.”

Justin W.

“Joseph did a great job in terms of assisting both myself, and my leadership team, with leadership develop support. Through working with Joseph, he has helped me become more effective as a leader and helped my team become more efficient and collaborative as a team.”

Malcolm S.

“I have used Joseph’s services for team development purposes.  His task was not an easy one and I was not sure about the outcome.  Joseph did an excellent job, he was systematic in approach, his use of managerial science and pragmatic intuition was very effective. I will be going back to Joseph for more business.”

Tony A.