Organization & Culture

“Greatness … is a matter of choice” Jim Collins

Organization & Culture Transformation

Over 70% of Transformational Change efforts fail.  Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Our Organization & Culture Transformation Process combines the latest in transformational change principles, methodology and tools which distinguishes and responds to the ‘Type’ of change you are facing (ie., Developmental, Transitional and Transformational).  The kind of change determines the mind-set, behaviours and process required for successful transformation.  Not knowing the type of change you are facing and how to respond can lead to critical mistakes which is why most change efforts fail.  This has been well documented by our collaborative partners at BeingFirst, Inc.

Once we have a fix on the kind of change necessary we will design and facilitate, in partnership with you, the right steps to navigate the change process from start to finish.   As expert facilitators of change, we are able to employ leading edge tools and approaches that bring about a radical shift in thinking (mind-set) and the capabilities (behaviours and skills) needed to sustain the breakthrough you are seeking.

Key to our methodology, approaches and tools are:

  • The Change Leaders Road Map – adapted from and used in partnership with BeingFirst, Inc.  This ensures that the critical requirements necessary for successful change are considered and addressed.  This proven methodology has been used to facilitate company-wide culture change, major organizational shifts, new system implementation/adoption and many other significant change efforts.


  • Our Integral Organization Survey – grounded in our Integral Organization Framework provides a reliable assessment of where your organization is situated as a whole and the specific areas in need of improvement. It also identifies your level of progress towards becoming a high-functioning organization that performs in a balanced way on the key measures of effectiveness, efficiency, culture and well-being comparable over time and with other organizations.



          The Integral Organization Framework

How Reliable is the Data?

The Integral Organization Survey has been used with over 20,000 participants in over 130 organizations covering a wide range of work. The standard questions, known as the Integral Organization Indicator (IOI), have been tested to ensure validity and reliability of results. Over 25 years of experience with the Survey has shown that the results consistently distinguish high performing organizations from low to moderate performing organizations with accuracy.

What Will The Results Consist Of and Tell You?

  • An Performance Map of the organization
  • A professional report summarizing areas of strength your organization can build upon
  • Areas that need improvement
  • Whether the organization is improving in these areas over time

In addition to standard questions, additional customized questions can be included to address current issues for the organization. Demographic and open-ended questions are also included. These questions are tailored to gain further insight into what occurs in the organization.