In order to effect meaningful and lasting results, our service approach is collaborative, people-centered, developmental, practical and uniquely integrative.


We will partner with you in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the situation and work collaboratively with your team as we define, shape and implement the solution process for lasting results. Important in this approach is our mind-set of learning from one another and sharing our mutual understandings. We facilitate and help to unleash the energy and creativity that already harbors within the organization as well as providing you with additional capacity and resources.


We understand that change evokes excitement as well as fear and resistance—for good reason. We are mindful that a shift in self/organizational identity brought on by development or change initiatives can have profound effects on people, affecting productivity and personal lives. This is why we always approach engagements with respect and consideration of the potential impacts from an individual, cultural and organizational perspective.


We honour all that came before, knowing that whatever change is necessary at the present time has nevertheless served the client in the past. As such, we look to skillfully include current knowledge, practices and structures at the same time as extending beyond these in order to help propel the client forward. Development must produce greater individual/team/organizational awareness and the capacity to accomplish lasting results.


To state the obvious: if an idea cannot be put to practice, it is only theoretical. If it is not actionable, it cannot produce results. The opposite is also true and this is why we are pragmatists.


Central to our approach is the employment of the Integral Model to Business and Leadership. This comprehensive framework allows us to embrace a diversity of leading-edge insights, theories, and practices and connect each in a manner that strengthens their individual benefits to produce truly powerful results.