Why Us












Compassion & Wisdom



Mastery Level Coach Training – Our Integral Coaching® Certification is the only coach training program in the world that meets International Coach Federation (ICF) Mastery Level training hours. Integral Coaching® competencies need to be demonstrated on a regular basis via continuous development in order for Certification to be renewed.


Business Experience – We have extensive business experience in diverse areas. We can quickly step into your shoes, cut through the ‘stories’ , help you see new possibilities and accomplish lasting results.


Commitment To Continued Growth & Development – We walk the talk by practicing what we help others become.


We Know How To Ignite The Best In You – We work with you as a unique human being, honouring and supporting you every step of the way. This does not mean that we only play “nice”; we look for ways to leverage all of the strengths and gifts you already bring to the table AND we skillfully confront issues, push your edges, get you out of your comfort zone and help you grow into a new way of leading for peak performance.


We do this by applying the latest organizational and human development research & methodology to help you engage the mind as well as the heart, soul, intuition, wisdom and experience. Because great leaders are able to tap into all of these as needed, not just be partial to one strength or technique.