Our Philosophy

The Integral Business Leadership Group philosophy offers a way of looking at the world from an integrated and holistic perspective. It extends an opportunity to discover that relationships, culture, strategy, the natural environment, the community and results are intrinsically linked and influenced by every individual and team within an organization. It invites us and our clients to be something bigger than the self.

We aim to be practical and results-focused while at the same time providing services and products that lead to long-term, beneficial improvement for individuals, teams, organizations, the natural environment, and society as a whole.  We adapt and modify our services and products to meet each organization’s specific needs, while preserving the fundamental Integral theme that we believe provides the most effective outcomes.

Core to our philosophy is ensuring that we ourselves practice what we are encouraging others to become. To this end, we encourage continuous personal and professional development and strive for an open, honest and supportive culture enabling our team to be the best they can be.