Heather Worosz

Coach & Consultant

Heather’s passion and life’s work focuses on learning, development, and change in human systems. Her practice includes coaching individuals and teams in organizational and leadership development and designing and facilitating processes that catalyze and forward systemic, sustainable change and innovation. In this capacity, Heather has coached, trained and consulted with individuals and teams in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Her extensive experience working in diverse setting s and cultures around the world, coupled with an innate sense of curiosity, compassion and intuition, affords Heather with the ability to connect on a deep human level with people from all walks of life, to meet people where they are, and to walk with them as they forward their individual and collective visions.

Learning and Development

Heather is an experienced designer and facilitator of innovative and impactful leadership development and learning processes.  Outcomes include, co-designing and launching “Sustainability for Leaders” workshops in North America and Europe, which empowered community and organizational change agents with the knowledge and skills needed to plan, lead and affect change in their spheres of influence.  In partnership with two European NGO’s, Heather developed and launched an accredited Masters level Sustainability Leadership course in Estonia, where Heather guest lectures.  Heather has also led the design and facilitation of international learning journeys for social change practioners, as a means to convene in community and share stories and lessons learned from around the world.


As an Organization and Relationship Systems Trained Coach (ORSC-T), Heather coaches the human system dynamics that emerge between and within people. Systems include teams, organizations and communities and the inner and outer roles inherent in an individual leader.  As a coach, Heather holds the system she is working with to be naturally creative, resourceful and whole.  Her role is to help reveal the system to itself so that its members can come to their own solutions.  In this approach, conflict and discord are reframed as symptoms of something trying to happen in a system.  As people realize that unpopular messages and marginalized voices need to be heard for the system to shift, this creates a safe space for honest reflection and courageous conversations to happen, allowing for greater understanding and wisdom to be accessed and for more holistic and resilient solutions to be realized.

Visioning, Strategy & Change

Heather draws on her experience and training in business strategy, systems science and structural thinking to work with individuals and teams to catalyze and develop the skills and practices needed to become creative forces for positive change in their lives, organizations and communities.  In this capacity, Heather has designed and facilitated visioning, strategic planning and organizational change processes in various sectors and industries.  Outcomes include co-leading a global strategic change process with a multinational corporation that helped foster a common understanding and language for the new direction; engaged business and functional leaders in developing a shared vision and strategy; actioned prototypes and quick-wins on the ground, building momentum for the process; and resulted in a comprehensive communication and stakeholder engagement plan and process.


Heather has been trained in, and draws on, a variety of participatory learning, dialogue and change frameworks and tools, in her work.  These include: Theory U, World Cafe, Open Space, Circle, Art of Hosting, Transformative Mediation, Deep Democracy, Process Work, The Natural Step Framework, Structural Thinking, Integral Theory and Adult Learning techniques. Her formal education includes a Masters in Business Administration, a Masters in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability and a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations.

Community Involvement

Heather finds a strong sense of purpose, place and meaning in connecting in community to contribute to positive social change.

At the age of 23, Heather co-founded a fair-trade SME, working with cooperatives in developing countries to create new markets for their products, while ensuring fair wages and working conditions.

Heather was a founding board member of Vancouver’s Fast Track to Employment (FTE), as it initiated the Social Purchasing Portal in partnership with the BC Technology Social Venture Partners.  This social venture facilitated cross-sector partnerships to create jobs for the long-term unemployed, while spurring economic development in the downtown eastside. The program inspired similar models across the country and continues as http://www.buildingopportunities.org/

While living in Israel, Heather participated as part of a team of local facilitators, designing and covening Global Village Square gatherings in the West Bank. The program (http://www.emergingfutures.org/) creates a safe space for Palestinians, Israelis and internationals in the region to meet, and through dialogue and shared activities, to discover the common humanity between them.

Heather currently calls Waterloo, Ontario home and volunteers as a mediator with Community Justice Initiatives, which takes a restorative justice approach to conflict resolution. (http://www.cjiwr.com)
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