Andrew N. Johnson

Andrew Johnson has been an Executive Coach, Facilitator and Consultant for nearly 20 years.  He was a founding partner of MirusPoint Facilitators Inc. where he helped develop and shape a groundbreaking transformation process, Prime Potential. His articulate insight, passion for individual evolution and strategic execution of change processes especially in the field of corporate culture, fuel his effectiveness.

From an Honours Degree in Economics (Carlton University in Ottawa), Andrew catapulted to the Vice-Presidency of an international consulting firm, and then into the upper echelons of Canadian politics during the 1980s. First as a Committee Officer, then as an Assistant whose duties included speech writing, researching, authoring and advising such luminaries as the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Mr. Allan MacEachen, provincial premiers and former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Andrew gave noteworthy input to national projects, including the 1987 Constitutional Accord (Meech Lake) and the Free Trade Agreement. As part of his portfolio, Andrew also made contributions to topics such as immigration and foreign policies as well as the national economy.

As a post-graduate, he trained at numerous institutions to sharpen his personal and professional skills, extensively studying human dynamics and their application to business. Andrew specializes in partnering, team building, strategic planning, executive coaching (he is a Certified Integral Coach), organizational management and facilitation. His clients range from the municipal, provincial and federal governments to major construction and design, oil and gas, and forestry and transportation industries as well as small businesses. His exceptional work in these varied sectors has garnered him a reputation for creative approaches to understanding people, conscientious attention to detail as well as commitment to win/win outcomes in both career and personal paths.

Andrew’s joy in his life with his “true love” and their daughter inform and illuminate his perpetual curiosity about how to live with greater congruence, compassion and freedom.

Andrew is fluently bilingual.