Our Core Promise

You will breakthrough to a new level of performance.


You will see new possibilities with a mindset capable of navigating the complexities of today's business world.


You will focus on what you are truly passionate about and pursue it with renewed energy, balance and heart.


You will acquire the right capabilities uniquely needed to get to where you are going and excel once you are there.


Accomplishing what you really want is our ultimate goal and that's why our focus is on achieving stellar results.

About Us

Founder and President of The Integral Business Leadership Group, Joseph has more than 25 years of experience as a management consultant, facilitator and executive coach helping clients achieve transformational breakthrough at the individual, team and organizational levels.

Joseph leads an experienced and highly trained team of executive coaches, management consultants, change agents and facilitators. The combination of his wide-ranging knowledge, skill, personal manner and passion for helping others succeed truly sets him apart.

He has been described as “an extremely intuitive, insightful and skilled facilitator and coach. His ability to be fully present, to listen deeply, and to guide the process with compassion and respect, creates a safe environment where real transformation can take place”.

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Our Key Services


The guidance that Joseph provided helped greatly in navigating change in my professional and personal life.  He provided great insight and direction.  I would not hesitate to recommend Joseph to anyone looking to grow in business and in life!

Joseph Zepedeo is an excellent coach who genuinely cares about the success and well being of his clients. This program has had a profound impact on my life and those around me. I am truly fortunate to have gone through the program and can’t say enough about it and all the positive changes that have occurred in my life.

I benefited strongly from Joseph’s coaching in that it allowed me to successfully adapt to and work in a very controversial and stressful environment and produced very positive long lasting results. The coaching also resulted in me obtaining a significant promotion to a new area requiring extensive change and realignment to better meet customer service and overall corporate objectives.

“Joseph has an almost supernatural level of intuition, and he was very quickly able to help me perceive exactly what was causing me to struggle and the kind of development I needed and then supporting me on the path.  I would highly recommend Joseph to anyone interested in personal and professional growth and development.”

“I have used Joseph’s services for team development purposes.  His task was not an easy one and I was not sure about the outcome.  Joseph did an excellent job, he was systematic in approach, his use of managerial science and pragmatic intuition was very effective. I will be going back to Joseph for more business.”

“Joseph did a great job in terms of assisting both myself, and my leadership team, with leadership develop support. Through working with Joseph, he has helped me become more effective as a leader and helped my team become more efficient and collaborative as a team.”

“Joseph is an extremely intuitive, insightful and skilled coach. His ability to be fully present, to listen deeply, and to guide the process with compassion and respect, creates a safe environment where real transformation can take place. “

“Joseph is a real pro and an exceptional guide and as a coach was exceptionally helpful to me. Our work impacted in a positive way my work and personal life”

“Joseph is one of those rare advisers who, with his experience, perspective and wisdom, can not only help you achieve what you want, but also what you didn’t know you wanted yet”

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